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Angeles Sierra Project - Exclusive Donor Benefits!

Hi Everyone!

Joseph here, letting you know about my latest greatest project, and the joy, fun, and fulfillment you can get out of becoming an angel backer of the Angeles Sierra Project: an Earth Healing Retreat Center on GoFundMe, Patreon, and the other platforms linked below and at the bottom of the article.

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Thanks to a trickle of wisdom granted us by the years along with a little self reflection, maybe you, like I, have come to realize that our accomplishments and success in life, really derive from the strength and resources of our communities - family, friends, workplace, local and regional civic works - that our communities really are the wind beneath our wings. As independent and pioneering as we may feel sometimes, One way or another, it is community at these levels and beyond, that actually gives us support and structure, and provides the opportunities, and resources we need to live, grow, create, and give back.. So, I’m here to ask you to be part of my community, and what I have in mind for making the world a better place with the Angeles Sierra Project.

While I’ve had some great success in the Entertainment Media Industry because of some of you who believed in me, took risks with me, and stood by me through lots of ups and downs, I’ve always done what I could to help others through very difficult circumstances, like the AIDS crisis when I got to work with Peer Education Project LA, Metropolitan Community Churches, and my dear Friend Alison Arngrim, who many of us may remember as the very spoiled little girl, Nelly Olsen, on Little House on the Prairie. I’ve learned and counseled about substance abuse and addiction, assisted those challenged with severe poverty, homelessness, aging, terminal illness, mental illness, and so forth. SO While I was developing a successful media business and career in hollywood, I did what I could to distinguish the vision that would allow me to focus entirely on my passion and mission, to do my part helping the world become a kinder, wiser, more beautiful place for us, our children, and our children’s children.

Many of you already know that for the past few years I have been transforming a ranch just north of Santa Clarita into an education, healing, celebration and retreat Center, where we can have accommodations for media and art production, small groups, education and workshop space for eco-friendly technology, personal development and wellness trainings, and positive social gatherings for networking, inspiration, and encouragement.

The ranch is conveniently close to Los Angeles and central to southern california. The property is immediately accessible by metrolink trains, which can make for fun, quick, convenient, and inexpensive travel to our location.

So far I have made some good progress on my own on a shoestring budget, and baby-steps. But, what’s possible with my angel backers at my side, behind me, and under my wings, things can happen quickly, and magically. We’ll be up and running in months as our targets are achieved.

As you see in our archival photos, There wasn't much here, and there was quite a bit of cleanup to do. And of course the cleanup will be completed at lightspeed once the funding target for this activity is achieved.

Where there were trash dumps and debris from Demolition of previous structures, we have created clear more beautified spaces. And in fact the idea was and is to continue the work of transformation so that these places where there's been refuse accumulating, Become Gardens.People chuckle a bit when I give them a tour of the place, and come to the trash heap, and say “This is the meditation garden with beautiful drought tolerant native plants.”
The transformational vision is like a little micro analogy of the vision more and more of us are having for the entire earth. And it’s going to take supporting thousands of micro projects like this one, and pretty soon, more and more of the earth becomes the garden paradise we dream of.

For those of you who are at the point where, you’re already on fire with this vision, you know where I’m going with this, and you can’t wait to be a part of making this happen… I got you.

There are several angel donor goodies packages for you to choose from, and you can stop the video now and go do it. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm. When you’ve made your gift, come back when you have some time to see the rest of the video here, and what we have planned.

SO I just want to call out some of the cool features that have been added bit by bit since the beginning.

we now have an outbuilding that we call the healing cave that also functions as the library and video Studio. as well as the man cave, where we have a video projector and lots of movies in a comfortable space hang out. And then there are completely self-sufficient off grid solar energy producing systems that I designed and built from the ground up. The eco hot tub (which I was able to get for free on craigslist!) and fairy garden patio, new wood fencing panels, and so forth have added some nice touches lately. And that I have managed to finally get a utility structure to put a laundry in has been a huge relief to me. And it took a tremendous act will to make it happen under very trying circumstances.We’ll be adding an extra toilet and shower in there soon.

My friend Rick who is help me with many of the projects here, who is also a general contractor, has always said, that money moves projects. And surprisingly we have accomplished more than I would have though with very little money. But still, it's taken quite some time to get to this point that way… lots and lots of patience!

The main building on the property is a small house that was built in 1929. It's Been renovated extensively inside, still more to do, like the kitchen, but the exterior is in greatest need of some tender loving care. Last year I was able to purchase some amazingly beautiful metal roofing for our roof replacement. But the process of removing the previous roof and checking the walls for mold and so forth is going to incur plenty of additional costs.

Once this building restoration is complete, it will be an ideal Space to make available on Airbnb and also for our plans workshops Retreats and community activities, we’re looking at semi-permament structures like yurts and geodesic hemispheres, until permanent structures can go up. The great thing about the investment we want to make in the semi-permanent structures, is portability. We’ll be able to use them for remote events as needed. Or use as extra space for events on our location..

Because of the size of the property there are a number of buildings types that we are able to get permits for, without having to request an expensive zone change, or conditional use permit…. Now this is something I am really passionate about: SUPERADOBE - the construction of Earth friendly structures buildings residences and so forth that are not only energy efficient, but are long lasting, sound, and don't rely on excessive amounts of materials that put too great a burden on our Earthly and environmental resources (because they are literally made mostly out of EARTH).. So I'm very interested and eager to work with a local institute nearby that specializes in constructions centered on something called super Adobe. I really want to be actionably ready to partner with them as soon as possible.... Getting our superadobe projects funded will jumpstart our mission to develop and support an economy that is eco-conscious and earth-friendly. We will provide work for students, interns, and graduates who really are at the front lines of the Green Building movement. And think of all the educational opportunities, workshops, and demos here at the Ranch we will be able to generate!

Fortunately, I have many wonderful connections with terrific educators, facilitators, builders, Healers as well as comunities who would like to participate in healing, uplifting, and empowering activities and social opportunities.

I’ve been developing workshops and group retreat activities from own training and experience over the years.My certifications in mental and physical empowerment technologies, practice of the Shaolin Arts, have all given me so much benefit in overcoming so many of life's obstacles, struggles, and helping me too at the same time develop a high-quality of life in terms of health and self awareness. and then I have the privilege and pleasure of sharing what I got with others.

Here’s a short list of possible event topics - yoga, chi gong, living younger longer, understanding and healing from toxic masculinity, relationships, intimacy, sex and love. Power of mental Magic, how to master the mind, how to live a magical life, shamanic and indigenous spiritual activities and ceremonies, eco friendly building practices and structures, solar and wind energy, and so forth.

And I am super excited about the opportunities we will have to host fundraisers for other causes! Many that are near and dear to my heart are those that help animals live happy lives, free from neglect and cruelty, and causes that help senior dogs and cats who are abandoned, and need not only loving homes, but medical and comfort care.

So over the course of working on making this Mission happen and bringing this Vision into being in the world, I have found that my time has all too often been divided between making subsistence work income, working on the property physically personally when I hadn't been recovering from injuries or surgeries, and because as many of you know I work freelance project projects and clients clients, there is often a lot of thought time and energy that has to go into what I do in order to generate income that way. and one of the interesting side effects is that I learned how to do a lot with very little. and those discoveries are things that we want to be able to share in the world with as great an audience as possible, to help people Empower themselves even when they are faced with poor economic prospects or conditions. For whatever reason. the things I have been able to achieve here on my own, with some limited help, and funds that seemingly showed up out of thin air. and at just the right time.

But since I have gone through such challenges recently as you may or may not know, I have come to appreciate yet again how precious our time here on Earth really is. It is truly a rare thing and it is all we can do to find ways to make the world a better place for those we love and know, and those we have yet to know, or may never know. so I've decided that I really need to go beyond what I think I can personally do alone and accomplish with the mission of Angela Sierra Ranch.

I've decided to launch this fundraising campaign, because I find that if I'm going to keep the flame of this passion burning in my own inner furnace, I've got to be able to maintain a focus on the mission and vision for Angela Sierra, so that my entire energy can be directed to making this happen now, and not later in some indeterminate time that may or may not come to be.

Right now, getting the roof replaced, fencing finished, and a large yurt bought and installed - so we can start generating revenue and value creation for our community - and so we can become self-sustaining. I have countless notes, sketches, and plans for the grounds development, and I’ll be sharing these things with you as we progress.

Your support, in whatever amount, will make a huge difference for me. And if you are able to make monthly recurring contributions, this will really help sustain my work on this project.

Please remember, the idea here - this is my full time job, And to do it effectively I can only put my trust and faith in the angels… You angels, who would love this idea with me, and put some wind beneath my wings!

Look for the Angeles Sierra Project on Patreon, and other platforms like indie-go-go, and kickstarter. We are already on go-fund-me, so you can go there right away and get started, and claim your angel goodies! Remember, there are only a limited number of perk packages at each level! And you must be sure to leave your name and contact information with your donation so we know who the goodies go to!

The perks include things like - massage or hypnosis sessions, group workshops, events and activities, discounts, and so on. If you’re a trainer/educator, you could receive free and/or discounted use of the facilities we create for your class or classes. If you’re someone who’d like to host an event, you’d receive free or discounted use of facilities and accomodations. You can check out the list, and remember, you can donate for multiple goodie packs!

And for donor angels with smaller budgets, we got you covered too!

Since the need for this project is urgent, I’m releasing this video announcing the funding campaign immediately. Please feel free to give generously. I thank you, and my angels thank you!

WOW! You watched this all the way through! You are indeed a special kind of Angel! I hope to see you at one of our opening celebrations, if not sooner!

Bright Blessings!

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Angeles Sierra Project - Exclusive Donor Benefits!

Hi Everyone! Joseph here, letting you know about my latest greatest project, and the joy, fun, and fulfillment you can get out of becomi...